Process and pricing

Home Organization

1 - Initial telephone consultation [Free]

During this call, we will discuss your needs and answer your questions. Contact us at (514) 793-3155 or complete the form and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

If you wish to continue with us, it will be necessary to send us the initial Questionnaire - Homes completed. This questionnaire will allow us to gather the necessary information to plan for our first meeting.

2 - Initial meeting [$75 ***]

This meeting will be in person, at your home. The purpose of this meeting is mainly to learn about the area to be organized (specific room, playroom, closet, pantry, etc.), identify your needs and expectations and discuss the budget that you plan to allocate to the organization of the desired area.

*** The price of the initial meeting will be applied as a credit to the total amount of the contract to organize your home.

3 - Professional organization of your home [Starting at $100]

The total rate will have been established following the first meeting, and it will be clearly indicated in the contract, as well as the details of the agreement. By working with Passion Organization, you can rest assured that the rates will be pre-established and respected.

Passion Organization will come to your home with the necessary materials to organize the agreed-upon place. We rarely stay more than a day. When we leave, you will have a newly organized space that you will love!